Dirty Doug’s Dog Shit Parfait

Hey everybody!

Do you need a refreshing treat that’s good for the body AND the soul?

Then you need Dirty Doug’s Dog Shit Parfait!

I make my sumptuous parfait by blending fresh fruit, rich and creamy yogurt, and wholesome granola…oh yeah! And DOG SHIT!

The great thing about dog shit is, since it’s natural, it’s automatically good for you!

Another thing a lot of people don’t know is that dog shit is pretty much free! Unless you need a lot of dog shit very quickly, in which case it costs about as much as a box of Fiber One.

In order to make my Dog Shit Parfait just perfect, I sun dry all my dog shit right here on the roof of Dirty Doug’s! Or, sometimes, I sun dry it on my car!

And remember, folks, Dirty Doug’s strives to be the most customer-interactive dog-shit-based natural products store in the world, so don’t forget to come on down for Milkin’ Mondays! On Milkin’ Mondays, you can watch me, Dirty Doug, milk out the dog shit and talk about my special techniques!

And then you can help Dirty Doug milk the rats! (Rats are, of course, just tiny dogs.)

Come on down and enjoy my Dog Shit Parfait!

Coming soon from Dirty Doug’s: Dirty Doug’s Dog Shit Duck Sauce (a natural alternative to those MSG-laden duck sauces!)

Dirty Doug’s Dog Shit Toothpaste (remember, dog shit is natural!)

Dirty Doug’s Dog Shit Tampons (Dirty Doug’ll help put them in, free of charge!)

Dirty Doug’s Dog Shit Dryer Sheets (carry the natural bliss of Dirty Doug in the very molecules of your clothes!)

-Dirty Doug

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