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Things I Hate #57

Green beans. For real, fuck you, green beans. Disgusting, slimy, salty, stringy dollops of nasty bean sperm. Ugh. They’re just so goddamn gross. I know people like them. And I’ve been told that fresh ones are much better. Well, I’ve … Continue reading

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Christ! and Our Hero have been commissioned to write the theme song for an upcoming game show…but wait…how does one write lyrics for a game show?   -Christ! & Our Hero

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Ivan’s Friends (or Enemies)

Travel Tip #1:     In old country… dog hate you.                         Especially Babushka dog. –Lightning Comet

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Ivan Redux

Ivan not get such hot welcome. Da. Is okay. Is okay. You being to think Ivan never facing such adversity? Thinking again! Be to picture: Ivan wake up at 2:30 in the AMs (Ivan sleep on stack of fire wood, … Continue reading

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Internet Forecast:


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Equalize the burn…


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A quick one while he’s away

-5 K!

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