The Uncanny Marsupialjones-Men

Which Hero? What Hero? Whose Hero? Our Hero.Codename: Our Hero

Role: Co-leader

First Appearance: Fuckshit Bomb Comics (for Kids!) Vol. 2, #14

Mutant Power: Hair. No one you know can grow it thicker or faster or in more places.


Codename: Christ!

Role: Co-leader

First Appearance: Two-Fisted Tales of Hipster Suspense, Vol. 1, #8

Mutant Power: Guttergut. That shrimp ring’s been in the freezer over a year?  I bet it’ll taste great microwaved with butter!


Codename: Padre

Role: Art-maker

First Appearance: Lacanian Crime Stories, Vol. 4, #66

Mutant Power: Smart. Don’t you just fucking hate people who are this much smarter than you? Seriously. What the fuck.


Codename: Quintuple K

Role: Odd-jobber

First Appearance: The Gargantuan Guinea Pig featuring Bendy Lass, Vol. 1, #1

Mutant Power: Bendy. You could probably tie her in a knot, but it would be really, really bad for her, so maybe don’t.


Codename: Lightning Comet

Role: Producer

First Appearance: Farts, Vol. 6, #88

Mutant Power: Miserable. Does Ben like anything at all? Jeez.

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